About us


Summit Ridge Wood Design

is a Native American family owned business in Mancos, Colorado. Mancos is in the southwest corner of Colorado. Dibénitsaah, the Dine’ peoples Northern Sacred Mountain is located here.

Please know that we do our utmost to accommodate you in the unexpected loss of a friend or loved one. We understand the many decisions that need to be made, know the situation and desire to help. We continually strive to upgrade and improve without compromising respect and traditions. Every effort is made to assure the satisfaction of friends and loved ones.

Articles featuring Summit Ridge Wood Design, including a slide show, has been published in the Cortez Journal, Mancos Times and the Durango Herald.

Respect for our elders is what we were taught as a child. Tobie Beneli has been serving Traditional Navajo meals to the elderly since 2006 and is featured in an article in the Cortez Journal. These elders know they are not forgotten. We can still hear their humble yet sublime stories.


The loss of one of our cousins in 1997 started us to build and provide caskets. Since that time we have learned of the needed respect and cultural understanding that we can provide with a more traditional and dignified casket. Our wood caskets provide for what nature and our elders taught as a natural process.

Each product is meticulously hand-crafted by professional woodworkers, skilled in the art of cabinetry. Among the choices offered and exclusive is our Pendleton woolen blankets which compliment the quality, overall appearance and design detail. Finishing is done by hand, with your selection of inner lining installed just prior to delivery, leaving personalization the only matter to complete your order.

Every detail in design, construction and finish is meant to enhance the casket in an attractive and dignified manner. You can trust that each individual casket is built knowing it will become the resting place for someone very special.


We are always ready to answer any questions you may have regarding arrangements.