We are located in the southwest corner of Colorado where Dibénitsaah, the Dine’ Peoples Northern Sacred Mountain is located). Please know, we provide our utmost efforts to accommodate you during the unexpected loss of a friend or loved one. We understand there are many decisions to be made. We know the situation in its entirety and genuinely want to help where we can to the best of our abilities. We continually strive to evolve and improve our products & services without compromising respect and traditions. Every effort is made to assure the satisfaction of friends and loved ones.

“Wood is a living thing. Every piece of wood is distinctive and unique.
The same is true of people.”

Summit Ridge Wood Design exists because of the love, feel, smell and soothing satisfaction of working with wood. After building a log home by hand, the desire for working with wood continued. Soon orders began for artisan wood products that we would design and build. Work soon expanded into the field of commercial cabinetry. Summit Ridge products, furniture and fixtures can be found in a host of homes and businesses across the US. “There is something fulfilling about making things that will be used, valued and passed along for generations”.

“I am the swift up-flinging rush of quiet birds in circling flight.
Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there; I did not die.

How Summit Ridge Custom Caskets was founded …

Our first casket was created for dear cousin who had suffered a tragic loss. We knew that what we built had to “reflect the person” we lost—"to reflect their spirit and celebrate their life”. When complete, it was a pure and simple thing of beauty … And requests for custom caskets grew and continued to grow. During this time, we realized that what was “true” for our lost cousin was true for everyone: the caskets we craft must “reflect, honor and celebrate their lives”.

Another critical aspect of making the first casket was seeing first-hand how appalling our relatives were treated by the “funeral business”. Most funeral homes are trustworthy. Others are only profit-driven and will not hesitate to take advantage of your grief, your urgent need and your lack of knowledge of the funeral business. We know of their expertise in offering services you may not want or need. We are happy to share insight and advice with anyone who needs help. No purchase necessary. It is our honor to help.